Both Microlon Engine Treatment (for standard engines) and Microlon CL-100 (for high-performance engines) reduce friction inside the engine which increases performance, gives better fuel economy and lowers maintenance costs.


  • Extend the Life of Your Engine

  • Reduce Fuel Consumption

  • Increase Horsepower & Torque

  • Decrease Maintenance Cost


Marine High Performance Engine Treatment Kit

Developed primarily for use in aircraft engines, CL-100 can also be considered the premium automotive treatment. CL-100 has been accepted by the FAA for use in aircraft engines of up to 1000 cubic inch displacement (AC-20-24A, May 1979). 

Like its counterpart, MIL, this formulation is thoroughly compatible with fuels and oils. Due to its chemically more sophisticated ingredients, CL-100 forms an exceptionally hard film that is a necessity when dealing with dramatic temperature variations, harsh operating conditions and high performance demands. CL-100 also provides maximum protection against corrosion during periods of non-use.

Jet Ski Engines [Over 61ci (1L)]



We also have friction-reducing treatments for the whole vehicle - including power steering, transmissions, differentials, transfer cases, wheel bearing grease, chassis grease and fuel systems.

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